4 Reasons to Hire Holly

Unparalleled Expertise

Holly Stiel literally “wrote the book” for hotel concierges—service professionals who set the standards for outstanding performance. Her content, based on the practices and principles of the world-class concierge, is like none other. Her expertise in the luxury hospitality industry, as well as her extraordinary versatility, helps businesses and organizations of all kinds increase revenue by elevating service levels, increasing job satisfaction and boosting customer loyalty.

Service Training that Sticks

Holly’s training style is lively, fun and highly interactive, which fosters participant involvement and retention. (View video of Holly in action.) Statistics bear this out: While lecture-based training yields a 20-percent participant retention rate, the rate for participative workshops jumps to 70 percent.

Additionally, when managers are involved in educating and coaching their staff, retention rates jump to 90 percent. Her unique “Train-the-Trainer” programs teach managers how to gain effectiveness, by bringing the teachings back to their staff and consistently reinforcing the message.

Collaborative and Customized Concierge Consulting 

Holly collaborates closely with the companies and organizations she works for to ensure her training is in harmony with their cultures and goals.  While the principles underlying outstanding service are universal, she takes special care to address the values, needs and objectives of her clients. (View testimonials from Holly’s wide range of clients.)

Contagious Enthusiasm

Holly’s 17 years as a hotel concierge and nearly 20 years as a speaker, trainer and consultant have only served to build her passion for sharing the power of concierge-style service. Her teachings genuinely “come from the heart,” and her commitment to her message shines through, touching participants in ways that are memorable and transformative. Her content and delivery, which emphasizes the “heart” and “spirit” of service, touches participants on a profound level that literally brings the practices of great customer service to life.

For more information about how Holly can help your company or organization, contact us at:

(415) 302-8026