Holly Stiel has the soul of a teacher, the humor and timing of a
stand up comic, the knowledge of a world class concierge,
the content of an expert, the wisdom of experience, a heart filled with joy,
the charisma of a star and the essence of a professional.

-Kathy Odsather, Assistant Dean, Hospitality School, University of San Francisco

Holly’s Story

Check out the video where I discuss how I turned my passion into business.

Holly Stiel – Customer Service Speaker

A customer service speaker and training guru with a world-wide reputation, Holly Stiel’s customer service presentations – including keynotes, workshops and consultations – are enlightening, entertaining, informative and transformative.

As a customer service speaker, Holly speaks to audience from the heart, and from 17 years of experience “in the trenches” as a hotel concierge –which is one of the most demanding customer service positions there is.

Holly’s Speaking Style

No matter the setting or venue, Holly will rock your company and employees with her ability to deliver powerful customer service content. Her interactive, entertaining, and high-impact style has been known to bring attendees to laughter, tears, and powerful personal insights.

Holly’s illustrates her customer service techniques with humorous, real-life anecdotes and actual examples from her concierge career. This provides a fun and accessible framework for the valuable skills she teaches. Her entertaining delivery results in an experience that employees will rave about.

Holly’s customer service speaking engagements, trainings and presentations not only deliver a substantive and transformative message, but also bring people together in the process. A single visit from Holly Stiel — whether as a customer service speaker, trainer, coach or consultant — can be exactly what a company needs to begin to transform its service business in a meaningful and lasting way.

To get a sense of Holly’s speaking style, please click here to view video clips of Holly “in action.”

Background and Credentials

Even in a profession defined by superlative service, Holly Stiel stands out as an authority and pioneer in the field of concierge consulting and superlative customer service.

In 1976, Stiel became the first female concierge in the country when she created the desk at the Grand Hyatt Union Square in San Francisco. Two years later she was the first American woman to be admitted to the exclusive Les Clefs d’Or Association for concierges. She received the association’s Lifetime Achievement award for her broad contributions to her profession. In April 2012, Stiel was presented with an International Honorary Membership to Les Clefs d’Or. Les Clefs d’Or (USA) announced that they were making 2012-2013 “The Year of Holly” to celebrate her career. Stiel was the first female and non-corporate executive to receive the “Distinguished Visiting Professor” Chair from Johnson and Wales University.

A published author, Holly penned Thank You Very Much – A Book for Anyone Who Has Ever Said, May I Help You? She is also the author of  The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge, considered the definitive work on concierge service for hotel professionals. In The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge, Holly wrote the textbook on performance for the hotel concierge and then in the Neon Signs of Service, she parlayed these specific techniques into a formula for extraordinary service applicable to any business.

Her impressive client list includes many recognizable names from the top-tiers of corporate America as well as a host of international clients including American Express Mexico, Cirque de Soleil, Singapore Airlines, The International Concierge Institute, and Huistenbosch Resort-Japan to name just a few.