Holly Stiel’s training is drawn from the skills of the hotel concierge and is applicable to anyone who has ever said the words “May I help you?”

What is a concierge?

By definition, the concierge is the hotel employee entrusted with all the specialized needs of the guest; these commonly include giving directions, making travel arrangements, securing theater tickets and restaurant reservations. However, the duties of the concierge often exceed definition or description. Concierge are expected to achieve the impossible, to fulfill any request with efficiency, speed, discretion and creativity. It is this quality which makes the concierge profession synonymous with extraordinary service.

How can the concierge philosophy serve me?

In The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge, Holly wrote the textbook on performance for the hotel concierge and then in The Neon Signs of Service, she parlayed these specific techniques into a formula for extraordinary service applicable to any business. Holly will guide your company through the coveted conduct of the concierge: acute listening, improvisational action, personal responsibility, and the art of optimism. Most significantly, Holly will empower your employees to uncover their own willingness to serve.

Holly’s Style

Holly’s interactive material illustrates these techniques using humorous, real-life anecdotes. In using actual examples from her 17-year career as a concierge, Holly provides an accessible framework for these valuable skills. Her entertaining delivery results in a training your employees will rave about, but more importantly her style underlies her message.

Hollys’ Results

Holly teaches that personal awareness leads to responsibility; that real service occurs from the inside out. Through cultivating awareness and a desire to serve, the employee will feel emotionally connected to their brand, resulting in a deeper relationship with the customer. The customer, in turn, experiences a genuine exchange with the service provider, resulting in return business, word of mouth, and loyalty. The manager is then endowed with an empowered employee, a devoted customer and higher revenue.

Holly Stiel’s techniques are successful immediately, but her teaching has a more desirable long-term effect: service providers are placed on a path to self-discovery that continues to evolve over time.