Holly Stiel Excellence Award

When I know of something good, I simply have to share it.
 In my monthly newsletters, I share excellent things, places, or experiences that make the ordinary extraordinary.


Make Your Own Waves
Virgin America Safety Video
The Oaks at Ojai
501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet


Cavalia Odysseo
Big Magic
Nothing is a Problem
Lightness of Being
Skinny Fat Perfect
Corita Kent. Art and Soul. The Biography.
Pop Culture Life Lessons from Cinderella and Bruno Mars
Spotlight: Easter Island
Excellence in TV Programming
Prisons of our Minds—Ai Wei Wei and Reon Shutte
Namaste of Excellence
Customer Service Revolution of John DiJulius


Three Jerks in a Row Rule
Spotlight: Las Vegas
Taking The Ride in NYC
Ask a Concierge
Focus on Author Mike Robbins
Spotlight: San Luis Obispo
Travel Buddies: J Pllow and Back Buddy
Grand Budapest Hotel and The Goldfinch
Glide Memorial Church and the Starlight Room
Spotlight: Myanmar
The Castle and Sweat Your Prayers


Cleveland Museum of Art, Rock and Roll Museum and Secret Service Summit
Spotlight: Boston
My New Bike and Home Sweet Home Chicago
Kinky Boots as Well as Courage, Acceptance and Grace
Business Model Canvas and Dustin Hoffman Interview
Spotlight: Adirondacks and Hudson River
Arianna Huffington Commencement Address and My Interview with Spice4Life
Spotlight: Yosemite and Reidel Glass
Ask the Profit Prophet, Safari West and The Quartet
Napa Valley, CANVAS and International Space Shuttle
Jerusalem Cookbook, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Cardstar
South Carolina, Watsu,® The Untethered Soul and The Second Half of Life


Photographer Bill Apton, Cristophe Salon at MGM Grand and God is Good Song
Bruce Turkel and The Spa at the Aria
On Broadway Channel, Pear Tart and Pop Up Store


Service Moments

A Service Moment is a short story that I write when I am inspired by some event, activity, special experience, or life lesson that spontaneously occurs. They are inspirational ideas, moments of truth, or observations that teach a lesson. I write them sporadically as I cannot plan them. Sometimes I write three in a week and other times I am not gifted with one for many months.

I always get a little thrilled when they occur, because it feels as if I am totally living in the present moment—being a participant and a keen observer at the same time.  One day when I have enough of them, I will create a book filled with these inspirational observations. So, please, enjoy them and pass them on.

PLEASE NOTE: Service Moments are formatted as PDFs. Files will either display in your browser or will download to your computer. In order to locate documents that download to your desktop, look for files that begin with the file name ServiceMoment_.


A Snapshot In Time
Is That A Longchamp Bag?
How To Make A Bed


True Spirit of Customer Service
Show Me A Sign

It’s Not About the Coffee
The Winning Combination
Be Still and Gnome
A Suite Surprise
How Sweet It Is
A Family Affair
Think, Think, Think…About Feelings
It’s the Thought That Counts
Intention vs Behavior


The Christmas Spirit
Double Rainbow
Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
It’s the Little Things that Make a Difference
Escape Hatch
Ask A Question
I See You
A Service Moment for a Service Man


Divine Appointment
Savor the Moment
Pride & Professionalism
Personalize It