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Holly Now Hospitality TrainingHOLLYNOW! is online scenario-based hospitality training that can transform everyone on your staff into a skilled Customer Smile-Maker. It’s the Art of Hospitality made simple. And consistent. And a part of your business culture. The six streaming self-guided video modules are available 24/7.

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Books by Holly Stiel

A to Z - How To Get the Best From Your Hotel Concierge by Holly StielA to Z—How to Get the Best From Your Hotel Concierge

The A to Z Guide for How to Get the Best From Your Hotel Concierge is an easy-to–use booklet outlining the countless ways concierges can be of service, while providing practical approaches to help guests collaborate with them for the ultimate outcome. Many travelers—even the more seasoned—aren’t fully aware of the countless ways concierges can transform a routine trip into an unforgettable experience. From practical matters, such as meeting emergency business-travel needs and retrieving lost luggage, to the more exciting aspects of travel, Holly Stiel literally covers everything from A-Z—whether it’s adventures with pets, family fun vacations or the most romantic personalized wedding proposal. Order your copy before your next trip.

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The Art & Science of the Hotel Cocierge by Holly StielThe Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge
Connecting Guests to Experiences Around the World

In The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge, Holly Stiel provides everything you want to know about excelling in this profession—and more. The new edition of this one-of-a-kind textbook, formerly entitled Ultimate Service, details every aspect of being a hotel concierge—from the most uniquely esoteric to the most intensely practical. Whether you’re considering it as a career, managing a concierge team, or personally serving guests, you’ll find the information and insights you’ll need to take on this challenging, but rewarding, work. This valuable reference is enhanced with illustrative true stories, immediately implementable tips and occupational hazards.

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Neon Signs of Service
Getting to the Heart of the Matter in Customer Service

This is Holly’s signature work and a must-have for anyone in the service industry. Holly has distilled her 30 years of service experience into 18 techniques. Each idea is presented in a vibrant and useful way so that in any customer interaction, Holly’s signs will guide you to the positive outcome. Holly has illustrated a map for you so that with this volume by your side you will never lose your way again—in each service opportunity, you choose your own path.


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Wisdom of the WizardWisdom of the Wizard

This booklet is the first in a series of stories inspired by a magical forest filled with ancient redwoods and the Wisdom of the Wizard. Just listen…the wisdom is all around you.

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