The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge

In The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge, Holly Stiel provides everything you want to know about excelling in this profession—and more. The new edition of this one-of-a-kind textbook, formerly entitled Ultimate Service, details every aspect of being a hotel concierge—from the most uniquely esoteric to the most intensely practical. Whether you’re considering it as a career, managing a concierge team, or personally serving guests, you’ll find the information and insights you’ll need to take on this challenging, but rewarding, work. This valuable reference is enhanced with illustrative true stories, immediately implementable tips and occupational hazards.

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Purchase both of Holly’s books, The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge and The Neon Signs of Service

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The concierge has become synonymous with excellence in customer service. Holly Stiel has now, literally, written the book on all the essentials needed. But, this is a book whose audience is far wider. The bank teller, the checkout person at the grocery, the HR training officer, the waiter and the pharmacist . . . all can learn from this seminal book.

-Louis Patler, President and Managing Director, The B.I.T. Group

Holly has written not only the ultimate guide for the Hotel Concierge, this is also a must read for anyone in hospitality who aspires to be the best. Holly’s approach reflects her incredible passion for her work. She has had an enormous and enduring impact on all of us at Auberge Resorts. Her training presentations are legendary, she brings everything to her art, and she will leave you inspired and uplifted.

-Mark Harmon, Founder and CEO, Auberge Resorts

We partnered with Holly to create the architecture for The Luxury Collection’s Global Concierge Program. We knew that Holly’s knowledge and deep understanding of ‘concierge thinking’ would help us activate our positioning as THE Destination Authority. Holly is a pioneer in the Concierge industry and an integral part of our international advisory council. She continues to inspire and motivate others and is a leader in her field.

-Matthew Gabree, Global Guest Initiatives, The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts

1993 Singapore was my first international concierge congress and I remember when I received Holly’s book as a gift . . . this became the best gift ever because it brought so much into perspective. All these years later as I put myself forward to be the next President of Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels, ‘Les Clefs d’Or’ and only the second woman in its 60 years history, I look back at the inspiration and wisdom I received from ‘the book’ on the profession. It helped me to see my work as art, I felt the passion as it leapt through the pages. Holly, Thank YOU very much!!!

-Virginia Casale, President, UICH, Les Clefs d’Or 2011, Concierge Sofitel Montreal

Ms. Stiel, thank you for a brilliant educational component to the congress in Toronto. Your book is my holy bible and I plan to use it operationally at my resort to teach, train and foster great new concierges.

-Rosh Chandra

Holly Stiel has been a mentor and an inspiration to concierge everywhere for almost two decades. Her first book, Ultimate Service, served as the template to create professional concierge desks around the world. I am delighted that we will have her new book to guide us into the future.

-Regena Falling, President Les Clefs d’Or USA and Concierge, Ritz Carlton New York

Once again Holly you have managed to produce a informative and entertaining book that is a useful tool for any Concierge desk.

-Simon Thomas, Browns Hotel, London

Holly, you are the personification of service! So glad to hear of your new book! This is my personal Holly story: researching the Internet in late 2002 for information and advice to start my company, I found Holly’s “Ultimate Service” book and called the phone number to order it – on Christmas Eve – and Holly herself answered the phone! She was in her kitchen washing dishes but proceeded to speak with me for more than an hour, listening to my plans and advising me. What generosity of spirit! What came through so clearly is that you, Holly, CARE. It was a priceless lesson for me and the best Christmas present ever.

-Patrice Manget

So bad that my flight was only 9 hours…….your ” Bible” is extremely inspiring…

-Carlos Martin, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona, Spain

I have to thank you very much for your inspiring words and your support. Flying out of Toronto I opened your book and started to read… What a worthy source to share with my colleagues. I will take care as webmaster for a German section that every Concierge in Germany will know about your book. Thank you so much for standing up for us!


You are such an inspiration to me Holly and have made such a huge impact on me and my career path over the years. Congratulations once again! And thank you for yet another fabulous tool that I may share with my team.

-Jeanne Mills, MGM Grand Las Vegas

Couldn’t agree more, what a wonderful keepsake and valuable tool.

-Michael D. Anderson, Sydney, Australia

I am in the middle of reading your book, and I am truly inspired. Thank you.

-Dean Voon, Toronto, Canada