Coaching is the best way to keep training alive

Holly utilizes her experience in the hospitality industry to bring you a coaching program that will transform the way your company operates.

The Language of Coaching Model enables supervisors to develop the communication skills and management techniques to bolster the performance of their employees by encouraging employee development and accountability.

  • Appropriate for managers and supervisors
  • Practice sessions include customized case studies
  • Receive feedback on communication skills
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Learn to adapt this practice for use:
    • In the moment
    • In meetings
    • In peer coaching
    • In self-coaching

Holly will show you the techniques to apply to any manager-employee interaction. Since she will address many possible employee behaviors with a variety of available responses, you will never again feel at a loss to guide or motivate your staff.

The Language of Coaching Model is available as a one-day program without the videotaped skills practice or as a two-day workshop with videotaped feedback sessions. Since coaching is not a theory but a practice, we highly recommend the two day class.

For more information, contact Holly at or 415.302.8026.