Hilarious! Pointed! Perfect! Sensational! These are the comments I received from associates who attended your keynote presentation. Thank you for an outstanding performance.

-Shelly E. Sfiligoj, Forest City Residential Management, Inc

Holly is a true pro. Her keynote for my women’s conference, Open the Gate, was custom-designed to meet my specific needs. Her delivery was flawless, spirited and fun. Holly’s feedback was five stars and noted as the “best ever” by many attendees. Let Holly work her magic for you!

-Betsy Wiersma, Camp Experience Colorado


Holly Stiel – Inspirational Speaker

Holly Stiel is an inspirational speaker who can set the tone for your event at its opening, re-energize participants mid-way through, or close your event on a high note, with your audience raving about the presentation and inspired to practice what they’ve learned.

By choosing Holly Stiel as your keynote speaker, you will not only earn rave reviews as the event planner, but your company will realize enormous and lasting benefit from Holly’s inspirational keynote address.

Holly delivers a number of keynotes, with the common theme of inspiring attendees to deliver customer service in the style and manner of a world-class hotel concierge. Holly teaches that personal awareness leads to responsibility; and that real service occurs from the inside out. Through cultivating awareness and a desire to serve, people begin to enjoy what they do and will, as a result, do it better. They become emotionally connected to their brand, resulting in a deeper relationship with the customer. The customer, in turn, experiences a genuine exchange with the service provider, resulting in return business, positive word of mouth, and loyalty. The manager is endowed with an empowered employee, a devoted customer and higher revenue. This is the foundation of Holly’s concierge philosophy of service.

Applicable to any business with a customer service component – including, but not limited to the hospitality industry – Holly’s keynotes teach participants to actually think like a concierge and adopt a true “How May I Be Of Service” attitude from the inside out.

Holly receives rave reviews for her keynote speaking engagements and presentations from participants, event planners and employers alike. Her client list reads like a Who’s Who in business and hospitality.

To get a sense of Holly’s keynote speaking style, please click here to view video clips of Holly “in action.”

Holly’s inspirational keynote topics are listed below. You may also feel free to call Holly directly to discuss your keynote speaking needs.

Keynote Presentations

Spirit in Service

Learn to feel like a world class concierge. In this stimulating seminar, Holly reveals the secret of her signature Neon Signs of Service; the spirit behind the skills. Participants will not only learn to think like a concierge, but how to take care of themselves as a service provider in order to provide sensational service.  This is one of Holly’s most popular keynote speaking presentations.  
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Keep on Dancing

Holly will bring the house down in this rousing speech, and then build it back up with the dance that keeps on going. Have you ever heard your employees exclaim, “I’m in the weeds!”, “We’re slammed!”, “I’m getting slaughtered out there!” or “It’s a mess!”? Holly will show you how to tap into an entirely new rhythm in the workplace – and turn your war zone into a waltz!

Holly takes her favorite Neon Sign of ServiceKeep on Dancing — and magnifies it into an entire service culture. With this one powerful idea, Holly can revolutionize the way you think about and deliver service at your company. This presentation demonstrates why Holly is such a popular keynote speaker. In this presentation she teaches participants how to:

  • Find the joy in delivering quality service
  • Harness that positive energy—the more you give the more you get!
  • Raise your fun quotient at work
  • Access new ways to handle stressful situations with customers and coworkers
  • Learn to maintain your rhythm no matter what!

This talk is best-suited to businesses that are extremely busy, such as large restaurants and hotels. The Keep On Dancing keynote is recommended for large audiences—it’s more fun to dance in a crowd!
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Service is a Gift:
How to Create and Sustain a Culture of Service

Holly reveals the five most important questions every employee needs the answers to. Riffing on the five “W”s that you learned in school—who, what, where, why and how—Holly has created an efficient practice that any employee can utilize no matter what kind of service they provide. She makes it look easy. With every employee asking and answering the same five questions, customers will appreciate a familiar standard of thoroughness and accuracy.

If you want to know how businesses renowned for their superior service manage to provide it consistently, Holly will show you how. This interactive talk introduces Holly’s foolproof formula for transforming your company into a service superstar.

This keynote is recommended for managers, supervisors and executives and is also available as a workshop.

Stellar service is a gift and Holly’s message is the gift that keeps on giving; once you open it everyone wins.  
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Open the Gate I’ll Show You The Way

This keynote shows another side of Holly. The content is appropriate for womens’ groups. For more information and full version of video, contact Holly at 415.302.8026.

For more information, contact Holly at or 415.302.8026.