Neon Signs of Service

The reality is that there is no sign above the entrance telling customers how to behave, and sometimes they behave badly. So the responsibility for appropriate behavior falls on the service provider.

-Holly Stiel


Neon Signs of Service

Featuring the service wisdom that served her so well during 17 years on the front line, Holly Stiel has immortalized her unique philosophy as the Neon Signs of Service. Invented on the job, this simple, yet profound wisdom gives people memorable anchors that they can use to make an immediate difference in the outcome of any customer interaction. In fact, these skills are guaranteed to serve the server as well as the customer. Holly is convinced that service doesn’t occur from the outside in, it comes from the inside out. Putting these Neon Signs into practice will elevate the work you do to art – service as an art form.

This topic transcends the acknowledged boundaries of the hospitality industry; it can be given at every level of an organization from front line employees to top level executives. It can be adapted to any size audience. Holly has received standing ovations from Bank of America executives, Coldwell Banker real estate agents, NASCAR employees, Forest City Property managers, Aveda salon owners, Cirque du Soleil staff, the box office staff of the Baltimore Ravens and LA Philharmonic, members of the Grocers Association, as well as numerous restaurant and hotel associations.

Holly Stiels’ keynote addresses, workshops, trainings, coaching, DVD courseware and consulting are based on her signature material, Neon Signs of Service.

The Psychic Salary

The Psychic SalaryBy being aware that you are paying yourself a psychic salary you are able to think in a different way and reframe your work. The psychic salary helps people become more aware of what they receive at work other than the paycheck. The provocative question, “How does serving others serve you” helps to teach that compensation is a great deal more than money. The psychic salary expands people’s thinking and allows them to enjoy their work in a deeper and more fulfilling way instead of watching the clock, you could be present to when you are earning your psychic salary. For example, solving a problem, finding the humor in a situation, sharing a moment of comradeship. Knowing you are receiving and not just giving also helps to relieve stress.

Stay in Touch with the Challenge

Stay in Touch with the ChallengeThis is an overarching neon sign as it is a challenge to work with people on a daily basis. It helps you to access the other neon signs. It challenges you to become self aware and to earn a psychic salary. The more you understand the challenge, the more you can access your ability to Make a Difference.


ChooseWhen you understand the power of choice and the responsibility you have to choose your experience moment to moment you will reduce the possibility of feeling like a victim at work. Knowing that you are at choice helps you to become self motivated by allowing you to recontext each situation to find a better way of looking at things. Being aware of your choice in the situation puts you in the drivers seat of your own experience. You become responsible for your own development. Since choose is an overarching neon sign, the first step and technique will be to discern the choices you have available and put choice into action.

The Me Sign

The Me Sign™This sign focuses on the human needs behind the business needs which help make the business needs easier to handle. (The human needs are heard, acknowledged, remembered and respected. )It is a customer relationship building technique and a stress reliever as it helps you to not get so annoyed with your customers. It focuses on the humanness which is at the heart of every interaction. When you operate from this point of view, the way your job is experienced is enhanced. Develop the skill and awareness to listen to what is not being spoken.

Deal with the Double D’s

Deal With the Double D’sThis neon sign is in tandem with It Isn’t Personal. It is a self management skill and interpersonal relationship skill. The end result helps you to resist your desire to teach customers how to behave.

It Isn’t Personal

It Isn’t Personal This is a stress prevention technique. It is a skill to master, but once you do it is a way to protect yourself. It will support you in doing your job more effectively. It will help you maintain a connection with the customer and not shut down. It is a self management technique to help you in managing your own emotions.
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